New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week at the Tory Burch preview. 


Every picture tells a story

I truly believe that this was one of the most amazing moments of my life. The rock legend Rod Stewert, just came out with a new album and the magazines are obviously wanting a piece of him. Art was asked by People magazine to shoot Rod and his amazing wife Penny in the comfort of their own home! A week later, Billboard mag asked Art to shoot Rod in the comfort of his own home again! Twice in one week? Impressive Mr. Streiber. We set up two V flats in Rods garage that acted as a white seamless, while his brand new Phantom was parked right beside it. Talk about a set up. Rod is holding a photo that was taken of him from many years ago. In the old photo of him he is wearing aviator sunglasses. As Art continues to shoot, Penny sees my new Ray Bands sitting on the  tech cart and asks whose they were. I told her they were mine and she asked if she could barrow them....Duh. She grabs the glasses and tells Rod to put them on. It was a one and done....Almost Famous


Whats the recipe for the blue stuff?

Dwell Magazine asked Art to shoot  Bryan Cranston's (Hisenberg from Breaking Bad), state of the art house located in Ventura CA. As we all know, Dwell is very graphic and specific with what they want. Our first day of shooting was exterior and interior shots of the beautiful home. We then came back two weeks later to shoot Bryan and his lovely wife interacting with one another and enjoying their beautiful home. This is a picture of the setup we had going on the beach. Art is aiming back towards the house to capture the house in all its glory. Unfortunately all the beach flies laid eggs the week before, and we got eaten alive while trying to wait for the clouds to part and the sun to shine through! Of course the final product was amazing.


Over kill? Not if you want to be the best

Art shot Isla Fisher for Gotham Magazine. This is why he never runs into any problems on set. ALWAYS COME PREPARED. Reference photos are everything. Its a great way to get everyone on the same page.


New York Magazine

Art referred  for a New York Magazine shoot. I was thrilled because it was the first high fashion shoot I got to go on. They flew out the photo editor from NYC, had vintage Chanel shoes shipped from Paris bla bla bla, fabulous wouldn't cut it. Elle Fanning was the talent and she looked like a million bucks (literally). I loved every minute of it. In fact, I loved it so much that I thought I was the Elle Fanning....


Bad Robot

Empire magazine came to Art and asked him to shoot the legendary JJ Abrams at the Bad Robot headquarters a month ago. The entire magazine was a tribute to Abrams and featured all of his accomplishments over the years. Highlight- Seeing Martin Freeman causally strolling through the office. I died.



Forget the film

I was lucky enough to get this amazing internship in LA with editorial/advertising photographer Art Streiber. I packed my bags and moved to LA from SF and havnt looked back since. It was the best thing i could have done for myself. I was thrown in the shark tank, and wouldnt have had it any other way. Since my internship started in January, I have worked as a photo assistant, production assistant, model, retoucher, coffee grabber and the list goes on. I wanted to start posting my instagrams pics of all the BTS moments I have experianced. Here is one of my favorites.

Johnny Tergo is professional photo assistant in LA. If you didnt know that was a career- it is and it pays well. This is a BTS photo of me sitting in the back of Tergo's truck as we drive around hollywood taking pictures of people on the streets. Goes to show that lighting is his first language.




My friend Teyler made this video from a shoot I did a little over a year ago. When people ask me what inspires me or what inspires my photographs, I never really put much thought into nor did I really know. I would always answer with the regular bullshit that everyone else says. After I saw the video and as I progressed in my photography over the course of this past year, I realized what actually inspires me and keeps me shooting. 
I love the production that goes into a shoot. There is just something about a vision becoming a reality that keeps me motivated and wanting to shoot more. Once I saw the final product and realized that it was exactly what I had imagined, just then did I realized what inspires my photographs. 

Dark Noir

My long time friend who is also a stylist Alannah, came to me about a shoot that she had in mind and wanted me to shoot it. She showed me a mood board and told me what she wanted to achieve and we sat down and discussed details. She went out and bought most of the outfits from Zara and BCBG with a few accessories from H&M and Forever 21. This was one of those shoots where nothing was locked in until the day before. Luckily one of my favorite models from Stars Agency in SF was available and my hair designer Manee also told me last minute that he was in. Gary, my makeup artist (who I use for every shoot and is a makeup god) was stuck trying to pry his makeup out of limo that had been impounded. With my little to no makeup experience, I stepped in and tried my hardest to “achieve the look”
We not only made it work, but we were all extremely happy with the outcome.
 I felt more connected to this shoot because of the similar sense of emotion that was hiding within myself. I had something personal that arose in my life about a month ago, and turned to my artwork to escape from my own personal demons. When we started shooting it was as if the model sucked the stress and negativity out of me and brought it upon her. I instantly became infatuated with the dark ambiance that surrounded her and we got the shot.It’s true when people say that art can act as a form of therapy for some. 








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