Every picture tells a story

I truly believe that this was one of the most amazing moments of my life. The rock legend Rod Stewert, just came out with a new album and the magazines are obviously wanting a piece of him. Art was asked by People magazine to shoot Rod and his amazing wife Penny in the comfort of their own home! A week later, Billboard mag asked Art to shoot Rod in the comfort of his own home again! Twice in one week? Impressive Mr. Streiber. We set up two V flats in Rods garage that acted as a white seamless, while his brand new Phantom was parked right beside it. Talk about a set up. Rod is holding a photo that was taken of him from many years ago. In the old photo of him he is wearing aviator sunglasses. As Art continues to shoot, Penny sees my new Ray Bands sitting on the  tech cart and asks whose they were. I told her they were mine and she asked if she could barrow them....Duh. She grabs the glasses and tells Rod to put them on. It was a one and done....Almost Famous


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