Dark Noir

My long time friend who is also a stylist Alannah, came to me about a shoot that she had in mind and wanted me to shoot it. She showed me a mood board and told me what she wanted to achieve and we sat down and discussed details. She went out and bought most of the outfits from Zara and BCBG with a few accessories from H&M and Forever 21. This was one of those shoots where nothing was locked in until the day before. Luckily one of my favorite models from Stars Agency in SF was available and my hair designer Manee also told me last minute that he was in. Gary, my makeup artist (who I use for every shoot and is a makeup god) was stuck trying to pry his makeup out of limo that had been impounded. With my little to no makeup experience, I stepped in and tried my hardest to “achieve the look”
We not only made it work, but we were all extremely happy with the outcome.
 I felt more connected to this shoot because of the similar sense of emotion that was hiding within myself. I had something personal that arose in my life about a month ago, and turned to my artwork to escape from my own personal demons. When we started shooting it was as if the model sucked the stress and negativity out of me and brought it upon her. I instantly became infatuated with the dark ambiance that surrounded her and we got the shot.It’s true when people say that art can act as a form of therapy for some. 








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